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Current Projects and Opportunities

In 2021 during our annual meetings, we identified two of our schools that desperately needing repairs and expanding. We prayed about the projects and shared the vision with our supporters. We received a positive response from WorldShare UK, and our planning began. 

With the desire of respecting the desire our partners in Haiti to retain ownership of their land, PiFò Haiti was able to  support the schools with their operating expenses allowing them to finance the expansions and renovations with their own resources. 

Both building projects were scheduled to be completed at the beginning of the 2022 school year, but due to the political instability and lack of access to building supplies, the projects will continue into 2023.



Pastor Cenet's Church and School

The school in the mountainous community of Bois-Lette has undergone almost a complete rebuild. Their walls were built many years ago from porous rocks and crumbling mortar. Cenet Guay, the local pastor and school director, has been able to finish more than half of the project despite the lack of availability of supplies and fuel. The additional classroom space was a welcome improvement at the start of the school year. We look forward to completing the school office and storage area this year.


2nd Story Added to School in Anse-à-Galets

The school expansion at IJFFU is almost complete. Monal and his wife Maccia were so excited to show us the new second story that has been built over the past few months. Monal had been purchasing supplies since the spring in anticipation of this large project. He is so grateful he was able to get most of the items needed before the island became cut off from the mainland and it's supplies. The entire staff is so excited to begin the new year. In 2023 they will begin refinishing blackboards and building much needed shelving for the classrooms.




Secure Depot and Office Space

PiFò Haiti project manager, Emerson Dalmas has space in front of his house where he will be building a safe, sturdy structure which will serve as a storage depot plus a small office. This space will enable Emerson to have a secure area to store perishable food purchased for the community food programs, as well as an space where he can manage PiFò Haiti . Currently Emerson has 10 people living in his home. Using his family home to store items is no longer viable.


2023 UPDATE: Due to violence and gang control of many communities, Emerson has had to provide emergency housing for relatives fleeing the mainland. While this project is fully funded, the demolition of the old structure is on hold until the mainland becomes safer for his family to return to their homes. Please keep praying.


Expanded Food Programs

Our food programs support 3 schools, a small community prison, and many vulnerable/elderly people in the community. It is a crucial program during the current humanitarian crisis in Haiti.

In December 2022, PiFò Haiti was approached by three young men who had been working hard  to provide meals for at risk children in their neighbourhood, the Saline. 

Thanks to our generous donors we have been able to support these endeavours. We continue to seek funding each month to ensure the programs can run consistently through the year.



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