Building Projects and Opportunities

In 2021 during our annual meetings, we identified 2 of our schools as desperately needing repairs and an expansion. We prayed about the projects and shared our vision with our supporters. We received a positive response from WorldShare UK ( and our planning began. 

The progress has been slowed due to supply issues on the mainland but our partners in Haiti are so grateful for the support and the hope these projects provide the community.

The photos below show the before photos of Pastor Cenet's school and church as well as the progress to date.


Pastor Cenet's Church and School


The school in the mountainous community of Bois-Lette will receive an almost complete rebuild. Their walls were built many years ago from rocks and crumbling mortar. Pastor Cenet, a pastor and school director, has been able to commence rebuilding the church and school walls using handmade concrete blocks. 

This school will need new desks and benches to finish off the renovations.

Building is FUNDED

Bench/Desk Fund Required: $1,000


School Expansion in Anse-à-Galets

We will also start the process of adding a 2nd storey to JFFU (Jardin Fleuri des Frères Unis) in the main city. We are so excited to offer added classrooms and grade to this amazing school. Stay tuned for updates as we continue planning for the building to start at the end of June when school ends. We would love to build some new classroom benches to replace the old and broken ones. This summer will be exciting and busy!

Building is FUNDED

Bench/Desk Funds Required: $2,000 




Secure Depot and Office Space

Our project manager, Emerson Dalmas, has space behind his house where we would like to finish the floor, put on a roof and doors with locks. This will enable us to have space to safely store the food we purchase for the community food program as well as an office space. Currently Emerson has 10 people living in his home so he needs some extra space as he manages PiFò Haiti.

2022 Funds Required: $2,500


Kitchen and Food Depot at School

We are so grateful that through a partnership Pastor Paul has with World Vision he is able to receive rice, corn, beans and oil each month to use for the school food program. PiFò Haiti supplements the program with funding for spices, charcoal, oil and staff to cook and serve the food. 

The school desperately needs a covered building/kitchen for the meals to be made as well as a dedicated depot to store the food.

The kitchen and depot will also be used for church conferences throughout the year.

2022 Funds Required:  $2,500