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Finding Middle Ground

Updated: Jan 4

A beautiful photo of my Haitian Family just chatting about shoes...and life. It's been hard to know what to post when people ask for updates. I feel almost paralyzed by the thought of giving out information. Do I post about the realities of Haiti, the people being burned alive and beheaded (videos and photos I receive regularly)? Or, do I strictly post photos like this one of Ti Dor and Emmah, people I love trying to survive each day?

I've come to the conclusion that I need to advocate for what best represents and respects the people we are working with rather than stressing over what serves the "First World" donors best. It's the never-ending struggle of straddling 2 very different worlds.

Those who partner with us know my heart and the heart of the PiFò Haiti family. Everything we do as a team is for God's honour and glory. He has ALWAYS been faithful. We hold onto the truth that He has redeemed us all, "beauty for ashes".

I'm thankful for the amazing accountability team I have here in Canada, Ken Thiessen, Heather Roundsky, Christine Micules, and Zach Quon. They are the ones I process the tough stuff with, they give me grace and wisdom when I need to talk things out. They remind me I'm not alone.

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