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The past few years have been very difficult for people all over the world. For Haiti, the problems far exceeded the global pandemic. It has been a time of political instability, an earthquake, gang violence, daily kidnappings, diesel shortage and lack of food.  When we asked our local leaders what the greatest need was, their reply was assistance with purchasing food and job creation.

We shifted our focus in 2021 and prioritized feeding the elderly and vulnerable in the community as well as strengthening an existing agricultural project in the mountains that will provide jobs, clean water and fresh produce.

While the island of La Gonâve is substantially safer than Port-au-Prince, the majority of vendors rely on products coming from the mainland. The lack of safe passage between the mainland and the island, it is imperative that we find or create ways to become sustainable without travelling off the island.

In the beginning of 2022 we were approached by the local police requesting our help with feeding the inmates at the prison. There is no social programming that provides food or basic necessities in the prisons or hospitals so families need to rely on each other. The rising cost of food was making it impossible for people to continue delivering food to their family members in prison. The guards were doing what they could to share their food but it just wasn't enough. PiFò Haiti is grateful to be part of assisting the police as they realize their vision of creating a food program that provides a nutritious meal to the prisoners and the guards.


There are many opportunities for us to support our team in Haiti as they meet the needs of their community.

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