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Job creation is one of the top requests when we ask, "How Can We Help"? By assisting with vocational and trades training programs we can increase the chance of young people securing employment. Having a job means families can stay together and be self-sustainable. Youth unemployment is one of the biggest concerns in Haiti.


Only 6 out of every 1,000 teachers have a diploma or certificate in their field.  Almost 25% have not attended secondary school. This means more than half of the teachers lack adequate teacher training or have had no training at all.

We value our teachers and want to offer them support so they can create a positive learning environment for each student.  

Maccia, a school director says, "Teachers are not valued very much in Haiti. We make very little money and have little respect in the community. I feel so honoured that you are blessing us with the gift of knowledge so that we can offer our students a good quality education. Thank you!"

*The annual cost for a teacher to attend the Ministry of Education Certification Course is $400.

 The full certification is a 3-year commitment totalling $1200. 


Beginning in 2023, PiFò Haiti will be assisting 3 young men with their tuition fees so they can attend a local trades school. After completing a 2 year program they will obtain their Agronomy Certificate enabling them to grow crops for their family and community. The young men are currently helping at a local garden project but would like to further their knowledge and skills.

They are so excited, and so are we. 

*The annual cost for each student is approximately $500. 

Our hope is to expand the tuition assistance program to include other vocations as well.

We are currently seeking more partners to assist with this project. Please contact us for more details.

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